I entered our coaching relationship wanting to better schedule my time, and I came away with something much more valuable. I gained clarity about what’s truly important to me and what’s not. This led to values-based planning and decision-making, which rather seamlessly gives me a deeper satisfaction with my life. And yes, I’m also taking practical steps to manage my time more effectively both at home and at work!

— Vice President, Insurance Industry, Kansas City


The best thing about Kay is that she customizes her approach for every client. I’ve come to realize that her breadth of experience and expertise is vast, and that she works with people across a spectrum of professions. Every time we meet, I feel as if Kay must have trained just to work specifically with me. My biggest concern about work was that something important would fall through the cracks. Now I have systems in place to seal the cracks. Not only is my stress level reduced, but my productivity has increased significantly.

— Director/Analyst, Morningstar, Inc., Chicago (Quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others!)

Icould not have done it without you… chalk me up in the success column. Not everyone can relate to founding Kinko’s or Virgin Atlantic, but to start a small business, you just need an idea and focused determination. I can think of no one better to help me achieve this goal. Thank you again.

— Former Telecom Exec, Entrepreneur, Kansas City


Kay, I just wanted to say thank you for coaching me. I really respect your skills and knowledge, and I appreciate your style. It occurs to me that few people in the world have the guts to meet people where they are — head on, selflessly, with optimism. To me, you convey that you value – even delight – in the wonder and challenges of human beings. I have met few people in my life who had your kind of firepower, intellectual flexibility, and empathy to do what you do so well. You really are awesome. Thank you.

— Senior Telecom Exec, Kansas City


Hardly a week goes by that I don’t think about some aspect of my life that has been improved through our work together.

— Attorney, Partner in Law Firm, Kansas City

Iwant you to know that you have had a lot to do with getting my master’s thesis finished. Your confidence, your encouragement, and your guidance were very important ingredients to the success of this work. You are one person of many that I have been so fortunate to have in my life who have not only fed me but have also taught me how to feed myself. I will forever be grateful for all that you have done.

— Geologist, Kansas City

— • —

A note about testimonials and personal privacy, and why I don’t show names

Kay N. Grossman, M.A.

Kay N. Grossman, M.A.

Providing testimonials for one’s product or service is a well used, and sometimes abused, age-old practice. Valid testimonials can help consumers evaluate products or services being offered by providing feedback from individuals who have actually used the product or service. Invalid testimonials can distort and misrepresent the real value of products or services being offered.

Hallmarks of invalid testimonials are missing or fabricated associations with “real” individuals who actually provided testimonials, often indicated by omission, abbreviation, or otherwise obscuring the individual’s name.

You will note that the testimonials on my Web site do not include my clients’ names. My decision to omit them goes against all current marketing principles. However, I am very aware of privacy issues in the Internet age. Everything published on the World Wide Web is permanent. Coaching is a fully confidential partnership, and frankly, no one else’s business. I do not include my clients’ names to help them maintain control of their personally identifiable information placed on the Internet.

However, my clients who have provided testimonials have graciously offered to serve as professional references for me as requested on an individual basis. Please contact me at Kay@FOCUSdammit.com should you wish to obtain additional information on the actual clients behind the testimonials listed on this Web site.

Protection of your personally identifiable information has become a major issue that is being addressed by local and federal officials. More information regarding this issue may be obtained from these resources:

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