About Coaching

About Coaching

Without attention, information that our senses take in—what we see and hear, feel, smell, and taste—literally does not register in the mind… What you see is determined by what you pay attention to.

— Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain, Sharon Begley



oaching with Kay helps you create a more integrated, satisfying, enjoyable life as you optimize your competitive edge in today’s competitive market.

Olympic athletes use coaches to tweak their already superior abilities and conditioning. In a similar way, highly accomplished business professionals use coaching to further amplify their natural talents, well-honed strengths, and existing skill sets to generate even more success.

Create discretionary time

Coaching capitalizes on practices you already use to create excellence, strengthens your ability to gain reasonable control over more aspects of life, creates more discretionary time, and fosters a heightened sense of well-being.

Coaching is a dynamic, results oriented, confidential, and professional partnership. It fosters awareness and focus, and provides support and accountability as you take actions to enhance your performance. It is an efficient process in which you work intuitively, creatively, and practically to reach your goals.

About Coaching with Kay

Coaching for Attention Traction capitalizes on the brain’s ability to adapt and change. Using metacognition, or thinking about your thinking, you can successfully change your brain in ways that foster lasting and productive patterns of thoughts and actions.

Just as elite athletes train to further refine their thought processes and motor skills, high functioning individuals can train their brains to achieve even higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

The brain changes throughout life

Not long ago, neuroscientists thought that the human brain stopped developing in young adulthood and that the adult brain was rather immutable. New research reveals that the brain changes throughout life. It also indicates that we can become active, conscious participants in that process, thereby having the potential to transform ourselves. Successful coaching helps to obtain that transformation.

A central feature of my coaching practice is the focus on attention—a key component to thought and behavior management. Expert attention management leads to productive time management. Where you choose to place your attention in any moment determines what you think, how you think, and ultimately what you do.

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