Coaching Process

How It’s Done

Attention Traction coaching is a rare investment that can guarantee returns — greater efficiency, higher productivity, and more discretionary time.



We focus first on identifying the patterns of attention that have already brought you success. I help you capitalize and build on these strengths to effectively apply them in areas of opportunity. We create sustainable systems and routines that will benefit you now and into the future. New awareness, insight, and strategic action become “wired” brain patterns. The payoff is efficient focus, less mental effort, and achievement of goals.

Out of respect for your limited time, I offer a flexible coaching program geared to accommodate your schedule. We can arrange to meet at my office, or consult by telephone, Skype, or FaceTime. A typical coaching schedule involves three or four one hour sessions per month. However, we will tailor a schedule that best fits your individual needs.

Free up time and mental energy

While most clients experience positive changes very quickly, three months of coaching is generally accepted as the minimum base for establishing the beginnings of permanent, productive change. New thought patterns and behaviors become automatic as you implement, readjust, and practice them over time. Once automatic, you free up time and mental energy to devote to creative problem-solving and other preferred areas in your life.

The fact is, the investment of as few as 10 to 12 hours over a three-month period yields a lifetime of returns.

Complimentary Consultation

I offer a complimentary 45-minute session as an opportunity for you to learn more about my coaching style and services. To schedule a complimentary coaching consultation, call me at 913-909-7576, or e-mail me at

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