FOCUSdammit! Presentations

They don’t teach attention skills in school… But Kay does… Through focused seminars, Webinars, Workshops, and Lunch ‘N Learns.

Kay incorporates current research from cognitive science and neuroscience to help participants learn to make focused attention their competitive advantage.

FOCUSdammit! Workshops:

Ninjas Don’t Procrastinate

…But 95% of the rest of us do! Participants identify their own procrastination style, learn tools and techniques for jumpstarting their brains to initiate tasks, and leave with a do-able Master Ninja action plan for getting into action.

The Art of Attention:
To Be Or Not To Be a Single-tasking Ninja

In “…Single-tasking Ninja” Kay challenges participants to be mavericks and trendsetters—to use what research tells us about enhancing attention and productivity in today’s distracting, demanding work environment.

The Myth of Multitasking

The Art of Procrastination

Stop Procrastinating… NOW!

No-Fail Rx For Being on Time

Past participants include:

  • Olin Business School Executive MBA Program (Washington University in St. Louis)
  • Potent Solutions (Washington D.C.)
  • CBIZ (Kansas City)
  • Legal Aid of Western Missouri (Kansas City)
  • Metropolitan Adoption Council (Kansas City)
  • Career Management Group, The Center For Spirit at Work (Kansas City)
  • Professionals With ADHD Series (Shawnee Mission Hospital, Kansas City)

Contact Kay:

To learn more about these presentations, or to discuss development of a custom presentation for your organization, call Kay at 913-909-7576,
or e-mail Kay at

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