Solutions: SlapPal v. CuddlePal
August 6, 2015 by Kay Grossman

If you frequently experience difficulty getting important things done, maybe it’s time to get creative. Consider hiring a professional slapper. (Nope, I didn’t make this up!)

Productivity blogger and author, Maneesh Sethi, described the advantages of hiring a woman from Craiglist to literally slap him into action. He hired her to force him to stay on task with his writing. His productivity quadrupled and his work quality improved, as well.


Sethi employed a version of a technique known in ADD coaching as “body double.” The idea is to capitalize on our human need for social connection to help activate the brain to do an otherwise tedious task. The mere presence of someone who knows what you want to accomplish can work wonders to help you stay on target. Sethi’s professional slapper sat next to him, doing her own work, while staying alert for his non-task-oriented behavior.

An attorney I coach reported that he gets lots of work done at his office on Saturdays. Several factors contribute to his productivity. One is that he has far fewer interruptions than on weekdays – no phone calls, meetings, or drop-in colleagues with questions. The most significant factor, however, is the presence of one other attorney. When that person is in the office doing his own work, my client stays focused and productive. When that person is not present, his ability to stick with tasks is notably negatively affected.

There are many ways to incorporate the body double technique into your daily life. Here are a few:

  • Pair with a co-worker to share the activating effects of each other’s presence as you work on your respective tasks.
  • Video chat with a friend or colleague. Identify a task you each intend to complete, keep the video running, and congratulate each other on progress.
  • Ask a non-judgmental friend or family member to keep you company while you clean your office or closet.
  • Ask your body double to support you in the ways you need for a specific challenge. What do you want her to say, or not to say? Do you want occasional guidance? Or do you simply want the person’s presence?

Then again, if a person’s presence is not enough support for a given task, you have options. You could hire a professional slapper (an amateur could be risky), or maybe develop a SlapPal app. Or if you tend towards non-violence, you could hire a professional cuddler (nope, didn’t make this up, either) or maybe develop a CuddlePal app. Please include me in any royalties…

Now, do you need a slap to get back to work?

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