Early New Year’s greetings!
December 19, 2018 by Kay Grossman

In the midst of year-end madness and seasonal busy-ness, it’s time to pause.

Meaningful successes and experiences tend to get buried in the hustle and bustle and distraction of holidays, politics, natural disasters, pestilence, famine, and yes, climate change–you know, the basic impending apocalypse.

To help find the buried treasure, spend a few minutes reflecting on the past year. The following prompts might help guide your process. I suggest that you write your answers for greater impact.

— Your three most important successes

— Three people who supported you (and specifically what they did)

— Three things for which you feel gratitude

— Three gifts or services you gave to others

— What will you celebrate most about 2018?

With all these wins in mind (congratulations, by the way!), write three inspiring action steps that you will take in 2019. Post them somewhere you will see them!

I wish you a New Year filled with adventure, joy, peace, and inspiration!


Click here to download a convenient worksheet.

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