So Far So Good?
April 25, 2016 by Kay Grossman

Springtime is a great time to take stock of how your year is going. Are you spending your time in satisfying ways? Is there something more or different that you want to do? With more daylight hours and inviting weather, you may be energized to make some adjustments.

Use these questions to help you think about how you’ve been spending your time. I suggest that you write down your thoughts and insights.

  1. What personal growth have you experienced so far this year? Did anything stand in the way of your growth?
  2. What results did you observe when you used your talents and skills?
  3. What positive impact did they have on yourself and others? Are you making a good enough impact for now (according to YOU)?
  4. What did you let go of that you’d been holding on to by force of habit, convenience, people pleasing, or “shoulds” that contributed to your personal growth?
  5. What courageous steps did you take? What others are you contemplating?

Well… so far so good? Acknowledge yourself for actions you found satisfying. If you find that you want to make some changes in the next few months, here’s one way of going about it.

Choose one insight that especially piqued your curiosity. List some possibilities for action that you feel energized by. Choose ONE of those ideas for action and schedule it for sometime this week. Take the targeted action and see what results you get. Use the additional information you receive from that process to determine a next-step.

Repeat! Enjoy your re-energized approach to creating a meaningful 2016.

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